The first in Russia Mathematical Museum “The Maths Park” was opened on the last day of spring 2018 in the capital of the Republic of Adygea, Maikop, Russia. According to some experts, it is also the first mathematical park in the world.

We spoke with one of the founders of the Maths Park, since such places are of great interest for meeting science and education.
Daud, could you please tell us more about the Maths Park?

The Mathematical Park has a collection of art objects, which represent mathematical figures and their properties, mathematical facts and theorems. The aim of the project “Maths Park” is to popularize mathematics: motivating young people to study mathematics, to make seminars for maths teachers, increase the interest in mathematics for adults. The task of popularizing mathematics is of the great importance in the modern world – both for the development of society and for the development of science

How do you manage to bridge the gap between scientific and educational parts of the Maths park?

The exhibition of the Maths Park is a powerful means of attracting attention to mathematics. A distinctive feature of the Russian popularization of science is in-depth-approach, which follows after illumination after the capture of the attention. Therefore, next to each object in Maths park the visitor can find a sign explaining the mathematical component of the object on the first, initial
level. You can get to the Maths Park website
where on the page of each exhibit is presented a more in-depth explanation with relevant topics and given links for further study.

If there are scientists (like from the project SciEd), who would like to make a lecture in Maikop, where and when should they come?

A special format of lectures, which exists in the Maths Park, is „Mathematical lecture-hall“ (Matematicheskaya Gostinaya). Known mathematicians are making lectures and seminars there. One of the most recent lecture was made by A.A.Gayfullin (scientist from the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of many mathematical prices), he talked about „Curved polyhedra“ and then had open discussions with public. Such events are of great importance for local development of science.
If you are interested to learn more or if you are a mathematician, who is going to Maikop, let us know, if you would like to visit the Mathematical Park.

Which activities Mathematical Park has?

Every year Caucasian centre of mathematics organizes the olympiads in mathematics  ( ). This is new growing project and we hope that it will give many fruitful results in the future.

We thank you for the interview about the Maths Park.

Thank you. I need to acknowledge that the Mathematical Park was funded by the Adygeya Regional School of Mathematics and Natural Science for Younger Students ( ), Caucausian Centre of Mathematics of Adygeya State University, laboratory of popularisation of mathematics of Steklov Institute of Russian Academy of Science.
Thank you!
The video of interview (in Russian) with one of the founders you can find here.
For more information please visit here:

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