Being a scientist usually means 24×7 hours a week involvement in the process of thinking, discussing, writing. Currently in European countries there there are many ongoing initiatives about connecting scientists and schools. But what about small and remote areas, how to reach them?

One possibility is to make skype lectures (which is usually problematic because children of even high grade usually appreciate much more alife discussions).
Another possibility is to link scientists with schools whenever a scientist is travelling somewhere. We made the experimental skype call with the school via skype with 9th grade in school in the Tambov city (Нижний Ширяй, Russia). The class has around 25 children. One lecturer, two teachers (Alexander and Dmitrii) following the lecture. Before the lecture I was told that children are listening very attentive to the lectures. This was indeed the case. After the lectures, where I told about scientific work,  about network theory and data analysis, there were not so many questions, but one student of age around 13  year old came and asked “What can you recommend me to
read if I want to learn about biology and how cells are working in humans?”
You understand that making links with Students through skype or offline is hard but the effort is worth it when you are receiving such questions afterwards.


We thank school professors, Alexander Rodionov, Dmitrii Bystrov for making this lecture to happen.

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