Every year in winter and summer holidays school students from all around the country are meeting to study. What is the motivation for students to study during their holidays?
When I came to the winter school “Piligrim” the questions were answered themselves.

(the copyright of the photos belongs to the school “Piligrim”, 2019)

The winter school “Piligrim” exists from 2015. The school is made for students from all around the country and has courses on chemistry, biology, medicine, also on physics and mathematics. The school is supported by the Presidential Grant. Students from the families with low income are coming to the school with their tickets getting reimbursed. Importantly, students are from the mixed age groups there, so the educational courses from professors and university students are given to students of different ages.

The school is unique for many reasons: 
First, the “Piligrim” school was organised in serious biology for very young students. Motivated students were selected from different parts of the country.
Second, the school is organised in beautiful natural environment, which makes the atmosphere even more special. This year the school was organised in the remote place in the forest natural reserve near Obninsk in the natural reserve.

This is how the founder of the Piligrim school, Innokentij Mironov talks about the school himself (in Russian):
” Одной из своих важнейших особенностей мы также видим то, что ребятам предоставляетя несколько альтернатив, из которых они сами выбирают то, что хотят.
Так, зимой 2019 каждый ученик группы “Белок” мог выбрать либо курс “Энзимология”, либо курс “Гематология”, либо курс “Эндокринология”.
При этом посещение послеобеденных факультативных занятий (в рамках которых ты работала) полностью свободно. Могут ходить, могут не ходить. Это очень важно, развивать в ребятах способность к осознанному выбору и ответственности за него .”


This January 2019 Lecturers without borders visited unique winter school on biology. The lecture materials from the lectures on analysis of trajectories and data analysis are uploaded here.


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