We are happy to present you the citizen science project: melanogaster.eu, which is a joined effort between people in my lab and the Science Outreach platform “La Ciència al Teu Món”. We were happy to discuss with Josefa González and her team from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF) in Spain.

Josefa González and her team at the Laboratory of Evolutionary and Functional Genomics are doing research in the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF). Together with her laboratory they also are leading Melanogaster Catch the Fly outreach project. This is the first European citizen science network in adaptation genomics. Through direct involvement, the proposal aims to bring science to students and teachers within the framework of the first scientific project in genomics adaptation in Europe, the DrosEU consortium.

Josefa González:
“MCTF started in 2016 with the participation of young students and teachers from two Spanish high schools, Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) and Baza (Granada) collecting fruit fly samples from fruit fields from their area, classifying them and sending them to analyse to the González Lab in Barcelona. Researchers from González Lab along with the scientific dissemination platform “Science in your World” (LCATM in Spanish) have prepared educational materials on concepts of biology and genetics so that the participants could prepare themselves and get ready for the experience. Although the project has been first set up in Spain, we aim to expand the project to other countries.”

MCTF started in 2016 with the participation of young students. We are excited to advertise the information about this project.

If you are interested to help developing similar project in your country, please contact Josefa González laboratory for more details.




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