We are happy to share the information about Open Humans, the platform, which was designed in order to upload, connect and share the data…


Open Humans is a platform that allows you to upload, connect, and privately store your personal data – such as genetic, activity, or social media data. Once you’ve added data, you can choose to donate it: you might choose to share some publicly , and you can join and contribute to diverse research projects. Thus, we turn the traditional research pipeline on its head: you are at the center and in control of when you share your data. We want to empower you to explore your data – for example, enabling you toanalyze your genome or your Twitter data.

For researchers and citizen scientists, Open Humans offers a toolbox to easily create new projects which can efficiently ask an engaged audience of participants to join and contribute. or join research projects. So far OH community has contributed 19 different tools to enable data import from external sources at the touch of a button, as well as numerous projects that help members explore data and invite them to contribute to research. Thanks to this growing community, new data sources, visualizations, and research projects are continuously becoming available. Take a look into how many people are already using Open Humans.

All of this makes Open Humans a vibrant community. People are intrigued by their own data! For this reason, there is no single user profile: OH are researchers; patients; data scientists; citizen scientists; any and all people who want to learn more about themselves.

We would like to invite all Lecturers without borders to visit the website of Open Humans in order to see, for example, how much we are all travelling…

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