During this week there were several lectures and seminars organised all around France.

Saturday, October 12th starting from 2:00 pm, we organised an event at Fête de la science this year. Global educative action called Mendeleiev. Lab is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Periodic table of chemical elements discovered by Dimitri Mendeleiev. (opening in 2018 in UNESCO).Come and try yourself in modern chemistry with the help of a professional scientist. The winners of the quiz got prizes and everybody were communicating with the real science.
Event is open to the public and is co-organised together with researchers from CRI, Openlaba.com, Russian Cultural Centre in Paris and Lecturers without borders.

More about the event on CRI webpage https://events.cri-paris.org/e/518/fete-de-la-science-atcri




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