In the current COVID19 situation we have stopped any on-site activities. That has been a direct consequence of banning conference attendance to researchers worldwide, whose mobility has been LeWiBo’s main dissemination vehicle. We would still like to contribute to the spread of online education and to support high-school and university students in our network. 

For this, we have started to record online lectures and to collect materials, which we will share with our partners – high schools and other educational institutions in different countries. 

If you would like to support this initiative with “Lectures without borders”, please choose a topic, record a lecture and share the link with us.

We will place it on our website, acknowledging your personal contribution and distribute it to our partnering educational organisations. Your lecture would get more visibility around the globe ūüĆé

Some simple guidelines for online videos:

  • Approximate length:  10-60 minutes,
  • Suggested audience: elementary school – high-school or university students,
  • Suggested structure: introduce yourself and your topic and end with a brief conclusion,
  • Visual video background: possibly clear professional background,
  • Sound: please check in advance that you can be heard on a video while speaking. 
  • Topic: your area of research
  • We kindly ask you also to follow the reasonable guidelines for copyright: references to the images you have used in your video are  necessary as well as a general copyright disclaimer.

You could either send us the video as a *.wav file using dropbox etc., which we than put on out Lecturers without borders  channel or upload it to your own channel with a tag #LecturersWithoutBorders in the video description.

Please Email to networkscied (@) gmail dot com

Here are some examples we have already gathered:

1. #maths #highschool #university #English 

2. #maths #ecology #coding #university #English 

3. #scienceoutreach #English #sciencecommunication #microbiology 

We will be looking forward to hearing from you regarding this initiative and more than happy to know if you are interested to join it.

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