We are happy to share with you good news about new project we are starting in collaboration with scientists – virologists around the globe.

Millions of high-school and university students all over the world are currently forced to stay at home and rely on online tools for their education. With Global Webinars for Students, the aim is to empower students not only to understand the current outbreak of COVID-19 but also to get a broader understanding of biology, scientific research, epidemiology, drug discovery, vaccine development and all the challenges and limitations of our current knowledge. The project was started by CRI teacher Eugenia Covernton together with CRI Researchers and the team of “Lecturers without borders” (LeWiBo) to encourage critical thinking and allow them to become active in educating others, showing them how they can contribute themselves to reduce these social problems.

The project is developing a series of webinars in English, Spanish and French that will be offered for free to schools and universities. They will be recorded to make them available as online lectures. Students will be invited by their institutions and the team in LeWiBo will coordinate all activities, adapting the content to the specific requests of each institution and to the prior knowledge of the students. The webinars will be interactive and the students will have the opportunity to send questions beforehand in order to actively participate in determining the content of each session.

How to contribute

You can find the team on the #proj-free-edu-webinars-viruses channel of the OpenCovid19 slack. You can find LeWiBo social media (Facebook, Twitter), and join the Lecturers without borders JOGL community.

If you would like to request a webinar for your institution, please use this form.

If you would like to participate as a lecturer, please use this form.

Learn more from links:

Lecturers without borders JOGL community

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