Lately this month Lecturers without Borders have arranged another webinar on viruses and viral diseases within the JOGL project. The webinar was given by Eugenia Covernton who has recently joined the core team of LeWiBo and launched the project with JOGL.

The webinar was given for the collaboration of the high school students ages 15-16 from Popayán, Cartagena and San José del Guaviare in Colombia. The number of participants has reached 150 students and the webinar was followed by a talk by an expert on occupational medicine that was explaining the measures taken by Colombia for the return to school and work after the confinement, “learning to live with the disease”. The meeting lasted for more than 2 hours and ended up with a very good feedback including an intention to arrange another webinar shortly. 

LeWiBo expresses its gratitude to the Universidad de Antioquía, Association of Scientific Societies of Medicine Students of the University of Antioquía and Ascemcol for their effective collaboration to make it happen.

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