LeWiBo goes online: webinar on 10th April

On 10th April the team of the "Lecturers without borders” has organised its first webinar for scientists around the globe about science engagement projects before and after COVID19. Online meeting was attended by 25+ participants from different parts of the world including India, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Kenya and many others, who could exchange … Continue reading LeWiBo goes online: webinar on 10th April

Video Library

Board member of the Lecturers without borders Mikhail Khotyakov who is teaching mathematics in German schools shares one of his lectures for high school students starting from grade 7 or 8 about countable sets in a Hilbert Hotel example. Mikhail calls it a Naum Vilenkin Hotel, since he first learned this concept from a great … Continue reading Video Library

Corona ChatBot for Sri Lankan Tamils from DreamSpace Academy

We are delighted to share with you some news from our long-term friends from the DreamSpace Academy who have recently published a local language ChatBot for Sri Lankan Tamils. ChatBot will provide information about COVID-19 statistics in Sri Lanka, local medical supplies, self diagnostics, etc. This solution has been co-created by community innovators of DreamSpace … Continue reading Corona ChatBot for Sri Lankan Tamils from DreamSpace Academy

Online Lectures With LeWiBo

In the current COVID19 situation we have stopped any on-site activities. That has been a direct consequence of banning conference attendance to researchers worldwide, whose mobility has been LeWiBo's main dissemination vehicle. We would still like to contribute to the spread of online education and to support high-school and university students in our network.  For this, we have started to record online lectures and to collect materials, which we will share … Continue reading Online Lectures With LeWiBo

LeWiBo’s Statement on Covid-19

Dear friends, partners and supporters, As many other people and institutions, we are very concerned about the current situation in the world. Therefore, we refrain from organising any further onsite lectures for educational institutions and the general public.  The team of LeWiBo is also thoughtfully following the directives implemented in their countries of residence. We … Continue reading LeWiBo’s Statement on Covid-19