We are happy to present you video, which was done by group of Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj (CRI, France, India) and her students from India.


Meeting of Lecturers without borders, CRI, Paris (2019)







Multiple lectures about forest ecology, entomology and health (with Klas Inspirasi Jambi), November 2018

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Vitising Salon de Mathematiques, Paris, 2019

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Visiting Palais de Decouvert, November 2018


Visiting mathematical house in Paris, November 2018


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Interview with Maths part, Russia, October 2018


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SciEd and the seminar about tilings, October 2018




Scied in Indonesia – Organized games and drawing activity to learn about tree leaves diversity, 01 August 2018






SciEd in Russia (public lecture about climate and energy transition), August 2018




Maths club in Munchen – conference for high school students held at Jet Brains office with Scied organisers, July 9th 2018





SciEd at Public lectures in 10th district of Paris (2018)




SciEd lectures in Nepal, November, 2017





Scied in Museum of Natural history, March, 2018




SciEd visiting Maths Salon, France, May, 2018






SciEd at Climate and Weather Forum, France, June 2018





Scied network builds connections between scientists and schools. Fotos from the exhibition in Palais Tokyo, Paris 2018


SciEd in Universities in France, June 2018 (visiting laboratories, where scientists can make lectures about chemistry, physics and biology)