We are scientists and school professors, willing to use different travel opportunities (when we attend scientific conferences, when we go on holidays, etc.) to give free outreach-lectures in local schools and high-schools to complement education systems in developing countries.

The idea of non-profit “Lecturers without borders network” project is to enhance interconnections between scientists and educational system around the globe, from which both sides can benefit.  According to statistics 1.9 million more teachers are needed in classrooms by 2015. If it is not possible to solve this problem at once, we suggest a dynamical solution: traveling scientists around the world can make lectures for children in schools, bridging the gap in additional education, which can help children to get interested in mathematics, physics, biology and other disciplines. The list of some universities and educational associations worldwide are listed here.




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How it all started?
We work with group of scientists from: the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belarus, Nepal, Indonesia, Uruguay, Georgia, Switzerland…
Lecturers without borders network was established in 2017. From 2018 Lecturers without borders project is hosted at CRI Institute in Paris, France.

Want to join?
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For the update of the project please check Lecturers without borders news. Please visit the registration page and leave us your contact if you want to get updates.



“If your plan is for one year plant rice.
If your plan is for ten years plant trees.
If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. ”