How to participate in Lecturers without borders?

The core task of our work is connecting scientists with educational institutions and NGOs.
Our network provides different possibilities to get active. Become a part of it!

Give lectures

If you are new to our network, please register here.
If you have any questions about making the lectures, materials, join slack (contact us to get invited to slack).

If you are willing to give a lecture:

 – in Germany, send email to Mikhail (email).
– in France, send email Liubov or Marina (email us).
 – in Greece, send email to Nasia.
 – in India, send email to Shivani.
 – in Indonesia, send email to Delphine.
 – in Russia, send email to Valentina or Liubov.
 – in any other country, send email to Liubov.

Organise lectures

If you are interested in helping to co-organise lectures, please feel free to contact Delphine, Nasia, Liubov, Mikhail.
If you have experience in Analytics Consulting and you want to help us with our project work, please feel in the form of project coordinator (to be done with protocols).

Help in data analysis

We are also working on analysis of our data and developing dashboard. Want to join our GitHub repository or slack on #dataanalysis channel? Write to Liubov.