1. Register for SciEd network.
  2. Let us know, where and when you are travelling (for a conference etc.)
  3. We search and suggest you a date for lecture in a local school/high school in the city of your destination.
  4. Make an interesting lecture for children in schools.Please, check Guidelines for giving lectures in schools.

It does not really matter, where you are travelling (in any city we can find people interested in the lectures, even in Antarctic), what matters, is that you want to share knowledge and to transmit joy from learning!

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Choosing the right school/college/library for a lecture is an important step. We will suggest you many different options and will discuss with you possible topics of the lecture. Many schools (around the world and particularly in developing countries) are open for additional lectures for children. Outreach lectures will give the possibility for children to get interested and to continue education, making the world a better place.