Lecturers for summer school in Senegal, July 2019

Professors Without Borders is delighted to announce its first Teaching Programme in Dakar, Senegal. This year, we have partnered with Clubs scientifiques du Senegal and Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd network) to offer short courses and workshops to 75 students over one to two weeks – depending on lecturer’s availability – starting on 29 July 2019. In January 2019 … Continue reading Lecturers for summer school in Senegal, July 2019

Marie-Curie symposium

We are happy to participate in Marie-Curie Carrier Symposium on Monday 20th May 2019. Many interesting interactions with researchers around the world from Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Germany, India, Kazhachstan, Ukraine, Spain. More information about the event and future updates are here.  

Mobility quiz

We launch our small survey in order to collect the data about researchers mobility Just 5 minutes of your time to answer the questions, which can help Lecturers travelling around the world Link is here. Thank you for your time!