Botnar Foundation

Fondation Botnar is a Swiss-based foundation which champions the use of AI and digital technology to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing urban environments.


Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, CRI

The CRI, Paris is co-constructing and sharing new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in the fields of life, learning and digital sciences, in order to face the world’s sustainable development goals. It develops and hosts educational programs, as well as lifelong learning programs.


Marie-Curie Alumni network
(French Chapter)

The France Chapter is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within France as a whole. The MCAA Chapter for France aims to build connections amongst MCA resident in France and to strengthen the historical link of Marie Curie with the country.

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Marie-Curie Alumni network

(African Chapter)

The “African Chapter of Marie Curie Alumni” is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within “Africa and its sub-region”.


Professors without borders

Professors Without Borders is a charity that specializes in university education.



AfricArxiv is a community-led digital archive for African research communication. It is dedicated to foster research and collaboration among African scientists, enhance the visibility of African research output and to increase collaboration globally.


Correlaid, Paris

In 2015, CorrelAid has officially been registered as a non-profit association in Konstanz, Germany. It has successfully launched over 35 projects, always in close cooperation with non-profit organisations of different size and scope and organised more than 50 Data Science related workshops.


DreamSpace Academy

DreamSpace Academy is a Community Innovation Center, based in Batticaloa – Sri Lanka, to tackle local socio-economic and environmental challenges using Project & Challenge Based Learning.

Logo Robotics program - FIRST Tech Challenge Romania 2(1)

Natie Prin Educatie Association

We are an active force in the field of robotics and STEM education, empowering more than 2000 high-school students and 300 mentors, from 77 cities in Romania.



SciCo is a Non-Profit Organisation whose aim is to communicate scientific issues to the public via innovative and entertaining means. It was founded in 2008 and consists of scientists, academics, educators, artists and people with an interest in everyday science.


Biological summer schools (Obninsk, Russia)

The Summer School is an interdisciplinary science field camp, which has been held annually since 2004 for Russian schoolchildren, students and everybody.


ResearchAbility association (France)

The ResearchAbility project was founded in the summer of 2018, by the Marie Curie Alumni Association’s (MCAA) Vice President Mostafa Moonir Shawrav and Alexandra Nothnagel to achieve a society that promotes accessibility and inclusion in Europe, ensuring equal chances in higher education for everyone.

Lyzeum 2 big (1)

Lyzeum Münich (Germany)

Lyzeum 2 ist ein Zentrum für Schüler, die gerne denken und sich auch Herausforderungen stellen wollen, um viel zu erfahren. Das Zentrum engagiert besondere Dozenten, die ihr Fach lieben, inspirierend unterrichten und Universitätsstandards in die Schulbildung bringen.


Pakistan Science Club

Pakistan Science Club aims to target children till grade 12 and is also working to establish a research wing above the grade 12 level plus an awareness campaign year round.



The Open Lab Fest is the largest one-day popular science initiative in the world, an educational project that helps people to learn how nature and technology work, understand where we came from and check to what extent our world view matches the reality


Virtual Assembly, Paris

The Virtual Assembly is an ecosystem of people and organizations developing Commons (tools, methodologies and projects) in a collaborative way to empower the transition movements.


Science Club Senegal

The idea of Science clubs for secondary schools in Senegal appeared from the passion to science and is based on the willingness to share knowledge everywhere across African continent. The idea of bringing existing science clubs in different school in Senegal together in a network was born in 2014.


Letnjaja shkola (Dubna, Russia)



15х4 is a movement of young scientists and science fans.



Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is the first research and innovation laboratory operating as a distributed, open and massive mobilisation platform for collaborative task solving.


Native scientist

Native Scientist is a network of international scientists created to tackle educational disadvantage through science outreach. We are an award-winning non-profit organisation founded in London in 2013.



SciStarter is an online community dedicated to improving the citizen science experience for project managers and participants.  Over 3,000 projects and events are searchable by location, scientific topic, and age level, and by joining SciStarter, members can track their contributions and provide valuable feedback.


Melanogaster citizen scinece project (Spain)


RÌGAS 40 vidusskola, School in Riga (Latvia)

Strategic collaborators and friends

Ikala STEM – Empowering the next generation of Malagasy Women in STEM (Madagascar)


Evolution Foundation (Russia)


Open Science MOOC


Teach for India (Teach for All, India)

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School forests for West Africa (Germany – Ghana)

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Home (Cri-For-all project)


Open Humans


Seed2Sapling (Bangalore, India)


Russian Gymnasium (Paris, France)

Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum (Germany)

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Chemical faculty of Moscow State University 


AIMS (Senegal)

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Caucasus mathematical centre 


500 women scientists




Narrative Atlas project


Les petits Debrouillards (France)


Honey Bee network (India)


Summer school Balapanlar
Non-profit project (Russia)


Ear care Nepal (medical association, Nepal)


Student association, MAPALA Siginjai UNJA, (Indonesia)


“I teach like” this initiative


Animath association (France, African countries)


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