March for Science, Science is for Everyone!, Göttingen, 04 May 2019

International Open Science Conference Berlin 18/03/2019 – 20/03/2019

Unesco International Education day, 24 January, 2019

Imaginary conference, Montevideo, Uruguay December 5-8, 2018

Linguistic festival, Moscow, HSE, Russia, December 2, 2018 website

Conference “One researcher – one question” – open to school students – 22 November 2018 registration is free and open here, Paris, France

Conference and film broadcasting from Pariscience event, October 18-31. 2018

Conference on education in Tbilisi, Georgia, 31 October – 4 November, 2018

‘Standing up for Science’ workshop in London are now open! This year the event will be held at Welcome Collection Point in London,  This free full day event is for all STEM and social science early career researchers (PhDs, post-docs or equivalent), trainees, and medical professionals. 14 November 2018.

Outreach conference Fete de la science in Paris. Find lectures in your city in France (look at CRI Paris for the program) October 2018

Les Savantuiries tutorials offline and online for mentors for schools in France, 6, 10 October 2018

Conference about education and popularisation of Science, Russia, Autumn, 2018

Climate event: Forum Enfants Low Carbon City in Paris, France
22, 23 September, 2018


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